PItch your business idea in front of real investors

PRIZES & benefits

By pitching at this event, the young startups will be able to get much more than an investment alone.

Investment & Cash Prize

If the investors are interested in your business idea, you may receive an investment! You can also win a cash prize of €500!

Market Research & Consulting

Get free market research and consulting for your business idea for an period of up to 30 days, offered by the Dutch Student Investment Fund

Web hosting & designs

You will be able to win a year of free webhosting and get free designs for your business identity (logo/business cards) and promotional materials

High quality video footage

Receive high quality video footage from your pitch, which you may use for business or promotional purposes

6 selected start-ups have the chance to pitch their idea. Who gets an investment?

About Funding Nemo

Any deal made during the Funding Nemo event is contingent upon appropriate due diligence and the signing of a binding written agreement between the entrepreneur and the investor.
Who gets an investment?

Funding Nemo pt 2 will take place on Friday 2 December from 19:00-22:00.

At this event young startups will pitch their business idea in front of real investors. They only have 4 minutes to convince them of funding their business.

Six startups are aiming for an investment, the question is: who gets an investment?


This event has been made possible by the following parties
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Student Entrepreneurs
Hardstart is the association for entrepreneurial students by entrepreneurial students in the region of Twente. Hardstart is about creating real value for all the people involved.
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Dutch Student Investment Fund

The Dutch Student Investment Fund is the first Dutch Venture Capital fund run by students.

We invest in early stage start-ups from the University of Twente and Saxion with an amount ranging from €10.000 to €50.000.
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Kennispark Twente

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The Technology Entrepreneurship College (TEC) provides entrepreneurial minds the opportunity to propel their personal abilities through the TEC developed ‘honours program entrepreneurship (HPE)’ for entrepreneurial students in the Netherlands. By providing an immersive learning program and coaching from successful entrepreneurs, students get stimulated to explore the world of entrepreneurship and personal development.

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