May 14, 2016

Who can pitch at the event?
-> You have to be a student at the University of Twente or Saxion in order to pitch.

How can I prepare for the event and train pitching?
-> You will receive a training from one of our partners.
-> It is recommended to also watch some Dragons Den or Shark Tank episodes online in order to get a feeling on what you can expect from the event.

Deadline applying
-> The deadline for applying to pitch is: Friday 26th of May 23:59.

Why are you organizing this event?
-> We are organizing this event in order to help entrepreneurs to get that necessary monetary support and professional feedback to start a business.

Do I need a complete business plan?
-> You do not need a complete business plan! We try to keep the threshold for entrepreneurs to pitch as low as possible. However, keep in mind that the better your idea and your business plan, the better your chances to get funded by investors or win one of the prizes!

What are the requirements of a pitch?
-> The pitch will be max 5 minutes after which the investors can ask questions and give feedback.

Do I directly get money from the investors when they decide to invest?
-> You do not get money immediately. After the investment decision has been made, the investment procedure with the investor will begin in which the investor will take a closer look into your business plan and the terms for an investment will be discussed.

I don’t have a start-up (yet), but I’m interested in this event. Can I still participate?
-> Yes you can apply for the event and be part of the audience, but we only have limited spots available for the audience.
-> You can also be part of the audience if you are not registered as a student at the University of Twente or Saxion

What do I get by going to this event?
-> You will enjoy free drinks & snacks, interesting pitches and a great atmosphere to talk with entrepreneurial students, start-up founders and investors.